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Our pioneering brands are redefining security, inventing new technology that keeps you safe wherever you are. Focusing on security around the door and adjacent areas, we produce everything from mechanical locks to advanced biometric scanning devices, keeping every solution simple and integrated.

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Allegion - Pioneering safety

Allegion helps keep people safe where they live, work and visit. Allegion is pioneering safety as a provider of security solutions for homes and businesses through 23 global brands. Allegion specializes in security around the doorway and beyond: everything from residential and commercial locks, door closers and exit devices, steel doors and frames, to access control and workforce productivity systems. Allegion employs more than 7,600 people and offering products in more than 120 countries across the world.

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Spot the Imposter

The 4040XP is the strongest and most robust closer on the market, and that's why it's one of the world's most imitated closer! But don't be fooled by impostors, make sure that when you purchase a door closer, you're certain it's a genuine LCN product. This video shows you just a few ways to make sure that you're always getting the real deal.

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