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Installation Services

On-site and pre-delivery services available

On-Site Product Installation Service

Our knowledgeable professionals will ensure the proper installation of your newly purchased products. This is a turnkey solution is designed to help you get the job done right the first time.

Quality Workmanship
Count on Builders’ Hardware’s knowledgeable professionals to properly install all of your door hardware. With 48 years of door, frame and hardware experience our registered Architectural Hardware Consultant’s (AHC) and best-in-class hardware installation professionals have the collective hardware knowledge, experience, templates and tools to get your door hardware installed correctly.

We Stand Behind It
Builders’ Hardware and Specialty Company has over 53 years of customer service experience, and if you are not satisfied with the Ready to Hang Hardware Installation Service, we will make quick arrangements to correct any door hardware related problems.

Let Builders’ Hardware and Specialty Company properly install your commercial doors, frames and architectural hardware.

Installation Services provide the following value:
- Improved door and hardware reliability and functional performance
- Improved safety and security
- Ensures the job gets done right the first time

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