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Pre-Delivery Hardware Installation Service

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By allowing Builders’ Hardware and Specialty Company to install your door hardware in our specialized installation facility prior to site delivery, we can virtually eliminate installation complications and typical hardware errors. Not only will it reduce complications it will also reduce your total project cost.

Pre-Delivery Hardware Installation Service

With security and safety at stake, we take pride in getting the job done right! Let Team Builders’ Hardware help you reduce your field installation costs and improve your project lead-time by arranging professional installation of your door hardware in one of our best-in-class installation service centers.

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Count on Builders’ Hardware’s knowledgeable professionals to properly install all of your door hardware. With 60+ years of door, frame and hardware experience our registered Architectural Hardware Consultant’s (AHC) and best-in-class hardware installation professionals have the collective hardware knowledge, experience, templates and tools to get your door hardware installed correctly.

Ready to Hang

The Pre-Delivery Installation Service provides the following value:
- Improved door and hardware reliability and functional performance
- Improved safety and security
- Ensures the job gets done right the first time

Installation Services include:

  • Single point of contact to manage your project from start to finish
  • Thoroughly planned and managed door hardware installation
  • Pre-delivery testing and validation of doors and hardware
  • Tailgate delivery service

Key deliverables include:

  • Doors ready to hang in the framed opening
  • Documented inventory of hardware

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