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60+ years experience in the architectural opening industry

Cylindrical Lockset

Keying or Re-keying Services

Our team of in-house commercial locksmiths are fully equipped to provide comprehensive commercial, industrial and residential locksmith solutions tailored to meet the needs of your application.

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Tools of the trade...

No matter the door that needs secured, Builders Hardware can do it all!


Rim Cylinders
Mortise Cylinders


Standard Cores
Large Format Interchangeable Cores (LFIC)
Small Format Interchangeable Cores (SFIC)


Strategic Business Partners

First class keying solutions made possible by TeamBHS and the following:

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The language of locksmithing

Builders' Hardware knows how to ensure a safe and secure openings.  When you think about solutioning doors, frames and architectural hardware use the model of Swing It, Secure It, Control It and Protect It.  After you have worked through those 4 steps, know you can think about the door accessories and the locksmith requirements.

A, AA, AA1, 1AA, etc.
Bottom Pin
Change Key
Composite Keyway
Control Key
Control Pin
Cross Keyed
Cross Keying

Cylinder Collar
Cylinder Plug
Cylinder Shell
Double Bitted Key
Drive Cam
Full Size Interchangeable Core
IC Core
Key Extractor

Key Pin
Key Symbol
Keyed Different
Master Keying
O Bitted
Operating Key
Pin Segment
Pin Tray
Zero Bitted

Keying Solutions

Do you have a commercial keying need? Please call Builders’ Hardware today and we will be happy to discuss our locksmithing capabilities with you.

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